I Survived: The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

A Note From the Author

Dear Readers,

My latest I Survived book takes you onto the doomed voyage of the airship Hindenburg, a voyage that ended in catastrophe in 1937. You’ll join 12-year-old Hugo and his family on a thrilling adventure, as he and his family cross the ocean on one of the most spectacular flying machines ever built. And of course you will experience the terror of the Hindenburg’s explosion and fiery crash. You’ll be right there with Hugo as he battles for his life.

The Hindenburg disaster shocked the world, and forever changed the way we travel. The research was fascinating. And now I’m thrilled to give you a special sneak peek of the first three chapters. And that’s not all. Click on the icons as you read, and you’ll go deeper into the world of the Hindenburg and my research and writing process. You’ll see pictures and video I uncovered during my research.

So hold on tight and get ready to fly on the Hindenburg.

-Lauren Tarshis

Opening Note from Lauren Tarshis